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Initiative to spread awareness about the importance of visiting a mental health practitioner even before reaching the stage of disorders and offer Peer Support for Practitioners with free training programs, structured mentorship and lot more.


Visit MHP challenge began as an idea to destigmatize mental health by taking an oath on social media to visit mental health practitioners when things got rough.

The founder of Visit MHP, Mr Nitin Shah, posted about mental well being on his account. This video contained the benefits of visiting a mental health practitioner. He then took an oath if he experienced any distress. He tagged five other mental health practitioners in the social media post.

The main objective of the challenge was to involve more and more people in this movement towards change.

The vision of the challenge was to build a safe community on by encouraging people to make public posts on their profiles about the pros of visiting a mental health practitioner, sharing their positive experiences, and motivating their friends to do the same.

Another aspect of Visit MHP is to promote the need for self-care and skill development among mental health practitioners. Mental health practitioners are not immune to having stress or being burnout. Professional impairment is also common among mental health professionals and can directly impact the work with their clients.

Visit MHP provides free support groups, training programs, peer learning sessions for practitioners as they also require support and mentorship. It also creates a safe space for psychologists to share their challenges and hardships along with getting guidance on overcoming the same.

Creating Awareness

Fostering Acceptance and Understanding

Sharing Experiences

Allowing individuals to share their experiences openly, creating a supportive environment for everyone in need.

Advocacy Impact

Promotes understanding and acceptance of mental health issues through powerful personal stories and experiences.

Community Building

Bridges gaps and builds a community that harmoniously supports each other in times of need, eradicating any sense of isolation and fear.

The Power of Social Media Pledges

Community Engagement

The challenge encourages individuals to pledge their support on social media, fostering a supportive community to share experiences and motivate others.

Dismantling Barriers

Together, the initiative aims to dismantle the barriers surrounding mental health and foster a culture of understanding and acceptance.

Supporting Mental Health Practioners

Free Support Groups

Virtual Meetings

The platform offers virtual meet-ups where practitioners can openly discuss their experiences and challenges in a supportive environment.

Expert Facilitation

Qualified facilitators lead the support groups, ensuring a conducive and professional space for practitioners to share and learn from each other.

Topic-Specific Sessions

Specialized sessions cover a range of topics, including stress management, burnout prevention, and coping strategies for mental health professionals.

Peer Learning Sessions

Collaborative Environment

A collaborative space for practitioners to engage in shared learning, discussion, and knowledge exchange.

Practical Insights

Participants gain practical insights from peers’ experiences, fostering a community of continuous learning and mutual support.

Professional Networking

An opportunity to build a strong professional network while sharing best practices and innovative approaches in the field.

Impact on Mental Health Services

Improved Support

Aiding the overall improvement of mental health services by ensuring practitioners receive essential support.

Elevated Well-Being

Promoting the well-being of mental health professionals leading to enhanced quality of care for patients and clients.

Empowered Care

Empowering practitioners to provide empathetic and impactful care by nurturing their own mental and emotional health.

Our Team

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Nitin Shah

CEO ICHARS and Director ICHARS Support Foundation

An author, educator, therapist & Cognitive Hypnotic Coach who has trained over 800 mental health professionals & touched over 50000 minds

kiran khullar

Kiran Khullar

Visit MHP Coordinator

Kiran Khullar, a compassionate Cognitive Hypnotic Coach, destigmatizes mental health, offering empathic therapy for individuals, couples, and families. She empowers growth through non-judgmental support in navigating various challenges.

Coordinating Team

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Arbina Memon

Relationship Counselor

Arbina Memon, an advanced cognitive hypnotic coach and relationship counselor, skillfully blends her passion for management. Founder of Dignified Divas, she excels in relationship coaching, also contributing as a content and coordination specialist at ICHARS Support Foundation.


Upasana Punjabi

Social Media Manager

Upasana Punjabi, a Psychologist and social media manager with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. Proficient in social media and graphic design, she creatively communicates psychological concepts. Specializes in working with geriatric Alzheimer’s patients, youth, and children.

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Shifa Ansari

HR professional

Shifa Ansari, a seasoned HR professional, earned her Bachelors in Commerce and Masters in Business Administration from Mumbai University. Thriving in dual roles, she excels as an HR and Operations Executive at ICHARS, showcasing expertise in both domains.



Nidhi Roy

Marketing Associate

Nidhi Roy is a Psychotherapist, Mentor and a Self Love Coach. She’s also the founder of “Adore life with Nidhi”, She specialize in guiding women to embrace self-love, conquer self-doubt, and create a life filled with love, confidence, and fulfillment.


Ranjit Kaur

Events and co-ordination Associate

Ranjit Kaur excels in cognitive hypnosis coaching and Reiki. With advanced techniques, she guides individuals to unlock their mental potential, instigate positive behavioral changes, and address deep-seated issues.


Jyoti Gujaran

HR Associate

I have been working in the HR domain in the corporate sector and have a decade of work experience . As part of my function I was in charge of People related activities and I also the counsellor for the employees and facilitated them to navigate through personal and professional gaps.


Uma Maheswari

Content Associate

Uma Maheswari, Founder of Phoenix Psychological Services, is a dedicated Psychological Counselor and Cognitive Hypnotic Coach. Specializing in Adolescent and Relationship Counseling, she guides individuals toward a positive, goal-oriented, happier life.

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