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Helping People
Live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life by connecting them with Skilled Mental Health Practitioners

An initiative by

ICHARS Support Foundation

A non-profit organization focusing on promoting the mental health CASE – Bringing about Change through Awareness, Support and Education.

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To become a one-stop solution for all things related to mental, emotional and behavioural health


To move mental health conversations from mental illness to mental wellbeing and enable people who do not have mental disorders to understand the benefits of seeking professional help from psychologists to further enhance their quality of life.

To enhance the quality of available mental health services by mentoring and supporting psychology students, psychologists and mental health organisations and helping them connect with people seeking mental health support



Bring together psychologists and institutes ready to fight against this common cause.


Support people, practitioners, organisations and psychology students to create a mentally and emotionally healthier world.


Help practitioners set up and offer their services online whilst making mental healthcare easily accessible to most people globally.

The Backstory

Visit MHP challenge began as an idea to destigmatize mental health by taking an oath on social media to visit mental health practitioners when things got rough. 

The founder of Visit MHP, Mr Nitin Shah, posted about mental well being on his account. This video contained the benefits of visiting a mental health practitioner. He then took an oath if he experienced any distress. He tagged five other mental health practitioners in the social media post.

The main objective of the challenge was to involve more and more people in this movement towards change.

The vision of the challenge was to build a safe community on by encouraging people to make public posts on their profiles about the pros of visiting a mental health practitioner, sharing their positive experiences, and motivating their friends to do the same. 

Another aspect of Visit MHP is to promote the need for self-care and skill development among mental health practitioners. Mental health practitioners are not immune to having stress or being burnout. Professional impairment is also common among mental health professionals and can directly impact the work with their clients.

Visit MHP provides free support groups, training programs, peer learning sessions for practitioners as they also require support and mentorship. It also creates a safe space for psychologists to share their challenges and hardships along with getting guidance on overcoming the same.

Core Team


Misba Shah

Director ICHARS and ICHARS Support Foundation

A dedicated and passionate trainer cum facilitator with extensive experience in Life Coaching, Human Resource and performance enhancement.

Nitin Shah

CEO ICHARS and Director ICHARS Support Foundation

An author, educator, therapist & Cognitive Hypnotic Coach who has trained over 800 mental health professionals & touched over 50000 minds


Mamta Sharma

Director ICHARS Support Foundation

With a passion for understanding how the mind works, she uses her expertise as a Life Coach to help individuals nurture and develop their mental abilities
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