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Visit Mental Health Practitioner Initiative

An initiative to

  • Spread awareness about the importance of visiting a mental health practitioner before reaching the stage of disorders.
  • Offer Peer Support for Mental Health Practitioners with free training programs, structured mentorship and lot more.

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Visit MHP aspires to become the premier one-stop destination, a catalyst for comprehensive mental, emotional, and behavioural health support.


To move mental health conversations from mental illness to mental wellbeing and enable people who do not have mental disorders to understand the benefits of seeking professional help from psychologists to further enhance their quality of life.

To enhance the quality of available mental health services by mentoring and supporting psychology students, psychologists and mental health organisations and helping them connect with people seeking mental health support

What we do?


Bring together psychologists and institutes ready to fight against this common cause.


Support people, practitioners, organisations and psychology students to create a mentally and emotionally healthier world.


Help practitioners set up and offer their services online whilst making mental healthcare easily accessible to most people globally.

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