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Support for Psychologists

Coach the Therapist

Tailored coaching for psychologists to elevate their business, refine skills, and navigate challenges, fostering professional growth and success in the field of psychology.

Coaching for Psychologists

“Coach the Therapist”! We’re here to be your companion on the exciting path of entrepreneurship in the mental health field. Under this initiative, we offers warm, one-on-one coaching sessions tailored just for you, helping you build a thriving practice. And guess what? If you want a little extra sparkle, we’ve got optional services like content creation and website development to make your professional presence shine.

Key Features

Clear Career Vision

Collaborative goal-setting sessions to provide clarity on your career objectives, paving the way for an emotionally and financially fulfilling journey as a therapist.

Roadblock Resilience

Identify and overcome obstacles, both personal and professional, fostering resilience to ensure a smooth path toward achieving fulfillment in your therapy career

Confidence and Emotional Well-being

Tailored coaching to build confidence and emotional resilience, equipping you to navigate the challenges inherent in creating a rewarding and fulfilling therapy practice.

Personalized Success Strategies

Craft personalized roadmaps and strategic plans, aligning your strengths and aspirations to create a fulfilling and prosperous career that harmonizes both emotional and financial well-being.

Motivation Mastery

Receive targeted support to enhance motivation and overcome common hurdles like lack of clarity, skills gaps, and time management challenges, ensuring sustained enthusiasm and success in your therapeutic journey.

How it Works​​

  1. Signup and Login to VisitMHP
  2. Book a free consultation session
  3. Connect with your coach
  4. Define Current Situation and desired outcome
  5. Understand Coaching Process
  6. Schedule weekly sessions
  7. Design desired future
  8. Create a detailed plan of action
  9. Identify and overcome hindrances
  10. Experience an emotionally and financially fulfilling career

Additional Details

The sessions will be conducted online over a Google meet.

Each session is one hour long and is conducted on a weekly basis. Generally, six sessions are recommended to address an issue or challenge, but in some cases, additional sessions may be required.

Each session is subsidized and costs Rs.1500 (Rupees Five hundred only) per session. It must be paid before the start of each session.

We can’t guarantee results, but based on past experiences, most of our clients have seen improvements. However, you must be committed to the process and attend all the sessions to experience a change.

The contact details of your therapist will be shared with you before the start of your session. You can contact your therapist even after the completion of these sessions. 

The number of sessions required depends on the nature of the challenge and the outcome you are looking for. Generally, in the first session, the therapist will provide an overview of the expected number of sessions.

A continuous flow of sessions is recommended for seamless functioning. However, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we allow one rescheduling of a session for every 4 sessions. Rescheduling must be done at least 24 hours before the already scheduled session.

No, coach the therapist is only open to mental health practitioners.

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