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Free Procrastination Counselling Drive

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FREE Procrastination Counselling Sessions.

What Is Procrastination?

Procrastination is the act of delaying or putting off tasks until the last minute, or past their deadline.

One may be well-organized or committed but when it comes to doing a particular task he/she might easily get distracted with trivial pursuits like watching a movie or series on Netflix or Amazon, spending time on their social media accounts or shopping online when ideally you should be finishing the task in hand.

You may be putting off your household chores, avoiding your school project, delaying doing your homework assignments, or ignoring the important project at work. Procrastination can be associated with a variety of negative effects, including worse academic performance, worse financial status, increased interpersonal relationship issues, reduced wellbeing, and worse mental and physical health.

In most cases, procrastination is not a sign of a serious problem. It’s a common tendency that most people give in to at some point or another.

There are various reasons why people often procrastinate. For example, some may procrastinate because they’re afraid of failing at the tasks that they need to complete. This fear of failure can promote procrastination in various ways, such as by causing people to avoid finishing a task, or by causing them to avoid getting started on a task in the first place.

Learn to procrastinate procrastination in 6 weeks

ICHARS Support Foundation under the VISIT MHP initiative has launched a drive for people who cannot reach out to a coach or a mental health practitioner because they find it cost-prohibitive. This is free for all drive, and anyone who enrols gets 6 one on one 60-minute counselling sessions with an ICHARS-trained mental health practitioner. 

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Impact of Procrastination:-

  • Regularly have a hard time meeting deadline.
  • Find yourself procrastinating even easy tasks.
  • Get easily distracted.
  • Having uncertain goals.
  • Feeling overwhelmed.
  • Experiencing difficulty concentrating.
  • Holding onto negative beliefs.
  • Experiencing personal problems.
  • Put things off in multiple areas of life like at work, at home and with friends or social circles.
  • Becoming or being easily bored.
  • Setting unrealistic goals.
  • Being afraid of failure.

FAQ about the Procrastination Counselling Drive

How will the session be conducted?

The sessions will be conducted online over a zoom call.

What will the duration of the sessions be?

These will be 1 hour weekly sessions. The issue/ challenge can be addressed over 6 such sessions. However, in some cases, a few more sessions may be required.

How much money will I have to spend?

Zero. The drive is completely free but we do expect the participants to commit to their mental and emotional health by ensuring that you participate in the sessions

Will I get to choose my coach/ therapist?

All registrations will be handled by experienced and proficient coaches and therapists trained by ICHARS. 

How can I be sure that after these sessions I will be rid of my habit of procrastination?

You can’t be sure! But based on our past experiences we have witnessed a high number of our clients’ situations improve. However, you will have to join us and be committed to the process to experience a change.

How can we connect to the therapist after the sessions are over?

The contact coordinates of your therapist will be shared with you before the beginning of your session. You can reach your therapist even after the completion of these sessions. Your sessions and interactions which are a part of the drive are completely free. Once the drive is over subsequent sessions will be based on the terms discussed between you and your therapist.

Do these sessions only deal with procrastination or any other issues as well?

This drive is mainly focusing on people dealing with procrastination. 

When should I register for the FREE Procrastination Counseling sessions?

The registration for these FREE Procrastination Counseling sessions is open from June 11, 2022, to June 30, 2022.

Is there any age limit for registration?

The registrant must be a minimum of 20 years of age to be able to enrol for these counselling sessions.

How many sessions do I have to attend in all?

There will be a total of 6 sessions (weekly one session for one hour) that would be needed for the formation of new thoughts and habits that would push you towards your goal.

Can a session be cancelled and rescheduled?

A continuous flow of sessions is suggested for seamless functioning. However, since this is a free drive and registrants are chosen on a first come first serve basis we have restricted to the session cancellation policy as follows:

No. of session cancellation with prior intimation at least 24 hours before the scheduled session – 2

What would be the period of this drive?

The session start date – June 25, 2022

The session end date – August 25, 2022

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