QPR Suicide Gatekeeping Certification

Internationally certified course known to show efficacy in being gatekeepers for suicide developed by QPR Institute, USA.
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The Connect Hut
The Connect Hut
The Connect Hut is a group of social entrepreneurs who have come together with their expertise in the areas of psychology, training, empathy, and crisis intervention with over ten years of combined experience. Through our collective experiences, we have developed an in-house framework called ‘DOT Learning’. DOT learning is a framework through which one can break communication and listening into application-centric segments to promote holistic communication.

Eligibility Criteria

Participants need to be over 18.

Background in psychology not required.

Course Description

The session will be for 3 hours consisting of:

  • Understanding suicidal ideation and it’s impact
  • Warning signs and risk factors Understanding the efficacy of QPR strategies in suicide prevention
  • Develop skills to respond effectively to the signs of suicide and emotional distress

Course Curriculum

  • What is QPR
  • Warning signs and clues
  • Approaching someone with suicidal ideation
  • How to assist someone in seeking help while going through suicidal thoughts

Course Takeaways

  • Understand and discuss suicidality
  • Identify signs that someone may have suicidal thoughts
  • Develop confidence in approaching and referring people with suicidal ideation

Upcoming Courses

No upcoming dates announced for this course
Please rate the extent to which the training program achieved its stated learning objectives.
Evaluate the degree to which the training program incorporated interactive learning methods, such as group discussions, case studies, and participant engagement.
Assess how well the training program provided practical techniques and tools that can be directly applied in a professional setting.
Consider the effectiveness of live demonstrations or examples provided during the training.
Evaluate the expertise, clarity, and effectiveness of the instructor in delivering the content.
Rate the level of support and resources provided after the workshop, such as access to additional materials, mentoring, or online resources.
Considering all aspects of the training program, please rate your overall satisfaction.

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