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National Nutrition week

National Nutrition week. Working on looks is the favorite area of today’s generation. Eating healthy to go to the gyms, to be a part of


Normal Hypnotherapy Vs C.H.C.P

NORMAL HYPNOTHERAPY Vs C.H.C.P We, humans, are a composite bundle of Thoughts, Emotions and  Behaviours.  The thoughts are like tides that cause the emotions to swell within


Mental Health?

Happy or sad, anger or cool, patience or panic, anxiety or relaxed, all are part of our daily life.  Sometimes very energetic,  sometimes very tired,



“The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of its parents” – Carl Jung


Summer and Children

Why holidays? What are the benefits of holidays? What to do with the children, all the time gadgets, misbehaving and tantrums? As parents, many faces


Intrusive Thoughts

A situation gets worse in our minds when we continue to think about it. Think about what happened & all things that didn’t happen. We


How to Avoid Mind Reading

MIND READING- knowing what you’re thinking without you telling them. Assumptions are a gateway to disappointment. Assuming that you’re partner will know what you want


Understanding Anxiety

Your anxiety can be a cause of a mistake you made. Or it could be because you didn’t say/do something you were supposed to. In


Life with covid19 and variants……

Pandemic@ worry # stress@ covid19 #depression@ mental health loss…. We all suffered from one or the other loss in our life. Future is unpredictable, no


Awaken your inner healer

Awaken your inner Healer- One of the great miracles of the human body, and the human spirit, is the ability to heal. You can heal

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