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ANXIETY FEELS LIKE…..linked to your sleep

Anxiety is an emotion that involves feeling of worry, tension and uneasiness. Mostly people experience some kind of anxiety to some level from time to time.

Till then ..its OK..

But what if this feeling goes to intense distress and fear become irrational, persistent and excessive to the point that they hinder you with ANXIETY DISORDERS from performing your daily activities. These feelings are out of proportion to the actual situation and are challenging to control. IT WILL DISTURB your sleep…..

That will lead to INSOMNIA. Now what is INSOMNAI?

IT is characterized by a person’s inability to fall and stay asleep-MOST common sleep disorders. Doctors have recognized that sleep problems to be a symptom of ANXIETY DISORDERS.

INSOMNIA is also an independent risk factor for the development of anxiety.

people with anxiety commonly present with insomnia symptoms, sleep  apnea, poor sleep quality and excessive sleepiness while awake. Excessive worry can keep  you awake.

NOW , what can help you? FOR your anxiety and sleep DISORDERS.

PROFESSIONAL WILL usually recommend you to change your lifestyle and behavioral therapy as the 1st course of action .some simple strategies such as relaxation techniques ,regular exercise are effective in anxiety .Psychotherapy  can be helpful . CBT is very helpful in ANXIETY AND most of all the  BEST helping hand…..should be your positive thought process. WHEN YOU CHANGE YOUR THOUGHT PROCESS IN POSITIVE MANNER THEN THE RESULT WILL BE DIFFERENT. BUT STILL NOT GETTING ANY RELIEF. THEN please take help from the psychologist or any professionals.

                                                                                                             Dr. Deepty  Kumari

                                                                                                           Clinical psychologist

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Dr. Deepty kumari
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I am a clinical psychologist with PhD in Clinical Psychology. I am Skilled with mental health solutions,stress and coping behaviour. Presently working as a psychologist in SADAY SADAV (NGO), APNA HEALTH BUDDY ,MANOCHIKITSA online platform. I have experience in content writing and CRM also. I help my clients in Dealing with their mental issues like Anxiety, depression, OCD, stress management, phobia ,ADHD ,mood disorders, relationship issues and also with child development issues related to mental health.

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