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Awaken your inner healer

Awaken your inner Healer-

One of the great miracles of the human body, and the human spirit, is the ability to heal. You can heal from a broken arm as well as a broken heart.

1. Enhance your consciousness – Perceive yourself beyond the limitations of your body and mind and feel that you are part of the vast universe around you.

2. Observe Your Beliefs —Your daily journaling practice is an excellent way to explore your values and beliefs, to know yourself, and to develop an open mind.

3. Extend Your Hand, Spread the Light – It’s important to balance your inner practices like meditation and prayer with out-in-the-world service to others. There has to be an inner and outer harmony in your life for healing to take place.

The power to heal is very real and has been observed by many cultures over thousands of years.

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