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Depression in children

Depression in children

Depression in children?

How it is possible?

Children are so small , how they can be depressed?

Most of the parents think like this. What do you Think?

What is your opinion about the feelings & emotions of a child?

Think for a while if you agree or not.

Yes , children are the most delicate and sensible being, full of emotions. 

Whether they say/express or not they observe every sentiments of other people around. How they obsorb the environment is totally depend on the support of the family. Many times people generally think that children are children and they will forget, let them do what ever they are doing as they grow they will change and ignore the most formative years.

If a child doesn’t get the right support, care or guidance, they can develop many negative emotional disturbances. Which could also be a baggage throughout life, if not deal in proper time with proper help and care.

What are the sign or symptoms of Depression in children. 

Sad, upset 

Withdrawal or social isolated 

Losing interest in activities 

Feeling misunderstood 

Academic decline

Lack of energy


Talk of suicide, hopelessness, or helplessness


Impulsivity and Aggressive 


Change in Appetite or weight 

Sleep disturbance 

Behavioral problems at school.

Classification of Depression in children

It is important to notice the severity and duration of the symptoms. According to DSM 5 the classification is based on Mild Moderate and Severe  depending on the duration and severity in the day to day life. From the of age of 3years to 17years is more prone to depression and anxiety  but not acknowledged by elders. Also keeping other aspects in mind like the child physical  health :- any deficiency or disease. 

Causes of Depression 

There could be any cause that can effect the child, if there is no understanding,  acceptance or support given to that child, it can lead him/ her depressed. The factors like

Environmental factor

Family history 

Stress or trauma

Can scar the heart and mind of a child .

Early interventions is necessary for the positive growth and development of a child. For mild what steps should be taken, for moderate and severe what steps ? Form mild depression APA recommends psychotherapy and for moderate and severe psychotherapy with medication.

A mental health professionals can help the child to develop the right skills needed to manage the depressive symptoms .

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