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How to Avoid Mind Reading

MIND READING- knowing what you’re thinking without you telling them.

Assumptions are a gateway to disappointment. Assuming that you’re partner will know what you want OR how you feel without COMMUNICATING is going to cause problems.


When you’re in a long term relationship you start to assume make predictions about your partner. Because of a sense of familiarity you make assumptions about their wants/feelings/thoughts. And you also have an assumption that they too know about your thoughts/feelings. This leads to misunderstandings


What you’re ASSUMING might not be what they’re THINKING.

This causes frustration, misunderstandings feeling of being unheard and/or unseen

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Aashray Mohan
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Trained in Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy & NLP, I aspire to help people to acknowledge they’ve more to love & learn about themselves. In these trying times it’s not always easy to find the strength within. One can begin to doubt things that they once knew like the back of their hand. It is in these times external assistance can prove to be most effective.

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