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Intrusive Thoughts

A situation gets worse in our minds when we continue to think about it. Think about what happened & all things that didn’t happen. We continue to wonder what could’ve been done or said
When we’re in a situation we are bound to think about it. About what is happening what’s going to happen and what can be done 

Let’s look at each 
1. What is happening 

It is only natural to think about what is going on currently. This helps to understand the situation. But what can go wrong is we might get caught in over estimating/thinking about the situation. Imagining things that aren’t real using our thoughts. Continuously thinking about the situation can lead to coming up with scenarios that aren’t entirely true

2. What’s going to happen 

When in a situation we want to know what will happen next. But we can not know for sure. Especially when there are other people involved. So we think make up scenarios & then get upset thinking what if it comes true. Upset over something that originated in our minds!! 

3. What can be done 

We want to know how we can come out of the situation. And we do this by thinking about possible solutions. Now it is not wrong to think about solutions but attaching emotions and keeping conditions that only this can be the solution and else are wrong can lead to further problems 

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Aashray Mohan
Show full profile Aashray Mohan Practitioner

Trained in Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy & NLP, I aspire to help people to acknowledge they’ve more to love & learn about themselves. In these trying times it’s not always easy to find the strength within. One can begin to doubt things that they once knew like the back of their hand. It is in these times external assistance can prove to be most effective.

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