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Life with covid19 and variants……

Pandemic@ worry # stress@ covid19 #depression@ mental health loss….

We all suffered from one or the other loss in our life. Future is unpredictable, no one knows what will be next. In this time, we have to focus on what we can do to keep our self – balance and our surrounding with less stress. The purpose of life is to live happy and focus on solutions, rather than relying on problem and attract negativity. 

Pandemic teaches us lessons for accepting the need of life and to work on priority of life. Every life is important and every family is special. How we can and what we can ? think for a while….

How to be in new normal? The new ways to adopt and adjust . life is ongoing process and changes are good for growth. With the situation we all have to adjust, adopt and move on. if not than what ? 

In pandemic, every individual’s mental health disturbed.Problem faced by many of us are depression, anxiety, panic, stress, fear, worry, pain, greif tiredness, sleep disturbance, guilty, hopeless, and many more revolving around it, as all are interlinked. Home , workplace, school, colleges each and every individual is facing mental health issue from children to old age .

what we can do?

Stay informed but limit your often check for news(if feeling anxiety better avoid media ,ask someone you trust for updates)

Verify information, before you share any information

Follow all the steps to reduce your personal risk (social distancing, hand washing, sanitizing, avoid unnecessary shopping/traveling and meeting)

Focus on positivity (organizing and time management)

Plan your day with concrete things (your professional life and personal life balance)

Focus on activities you enjoy(talk to your loved ones, listen music, gardening, dancing, painting or anything which gives you calmness and relax)

Healthy eating

Enough rest and sleep

Exercise, meditate, yoga, deep breathe, relaxation techniques

Avoid self medicating

Be a supporter ( to your partner, to your family , to your society and to your own wellbeing)

Be a counsellor( to your child about the information related to child abuse and many other problems, learn new skills to teach your kids the best way to deal with the situation, Reassure your kids are safe. Be a Counsellor to your parents )

Ask for help, don’t take the symptoms lightly.

Support Government and medical workers.

Take help from mental health professionals ( why wait for disorder)

Many children are prone to mental health issues from 3 years and above : sadness, irritation, fear, frustration, anger, extreme uses of gadgets,greif, confusion,concentration problem, study difficulty, school phobia, school anxiety, exam fear, study pressure, boards ( family, peer and society pressure), career and many more. Their behavior shows the symptoms(stomach pain, headache, irritation, withdrawal from society, change in eating habits, sleep difficulties, change in academic performance, difficulty in concentration, mood fluctuations, anger, etc.

How can we help them?

 Believe them

Understand them

Help them (study stress, time management, etc.)

Accept them as they have faced a lot and unable to express their emotions

Talk to them (enjoy with story time)

Love them , they are kids and they take time to grow, for growth they need your love , trust and warmth(hug them often, show appreciation, eye contact with smile)

Quality time (no study time included)they need you.

Be friendly

If children is showing any negative behavior find out the cause and work on it.

Don’t judge them, don’t compare with others & don’t criticize them in fun also. Take help from professionals.

 we are giving services(professionals) to others but what about us and our family. As working profesional we all have to balance our work with family, (specially children ) but how much we are giving to them in terms of quality of time and empathy.

Be positive, be happy, be safe and healthy.


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Huma Sufiyan
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Community Manager @ CCI_CN, Cognitive hypnotic coach, positive parenting coach & Career coach

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