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Mental Health?

Happy or sad, anger or cool, patience or panic, anxiety or relaxed, all are part of our daily life.  Sometimes very energetic,  sometimes very tired, most of the time pulling up from the beds, sometimes very excited and full of enthusiastic for the day as according to the situations. 

We humans are full of emotions and never be same , always there are different thought processes which leads to changes.

Changes are continuous process it could be positive or could be negative. 

Daily we work , from morning till night , different jobs different  schedules,  different activities and so on. Which develop ourselves and our environment. 

I just want to know, what happen if you don’t do service of your vehicles on given time or due date? What if you don’t visit salon or parlors every month ? What if you don’t visit doctor when you  are ill ? What if you don’t have you health routine  checkup ? What if you don’t take care of yourself , don’t go for walk or don’t go to gyms or don’t limit the junk food… just think… what ?

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act But a habit “.By Aristotle

Obviously  we all know what will happen after certain period of  time.So  think what you all doing for you mental health which is the most important. Do we ever thought of having a counselling session if we are feeling low, upset or want to cry all the time? Having problems with relationships? Difficult to handle the kids? Having anxiety issues, feeling lonely? And many more that we all face.

Who will help us ?

To whom we should connect?

The question is how a counsellor  can help us ?

Many times I hear… “I don’t want to be counselled,  we don’t need anyone’s guidance, no one can understand me… nothing could be changed, its waste of money it can do by anyone” and many more questions that comes to their mind .

But what really Mental health practitioners do ? That you have to experience by yourself. I can only say, all the question can only be answered when you come forward and have the sessions with trained Mental health practitioner. 

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Huma Sufiyan
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Community Manager @ CCI_CN, Cognitive hypnotic coach, positive parenting coach & Career coach

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