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Summer and Children

Why holidays?

What are the benefits of holidays?

What to do with the children, all the time gadgets, misbehaving and tantrums?

As parents, many faces tough situations in vacations as their kids don’t listen, don’t obey, misbehave and many more complaints.

What to do and how to go about. Children are shadow of their family and society. To manage in them in positive ways is our responsibility. 

I remember, we all waited for vacations and planned to enjoy it. Right ? You all also waited for the vacations when you were kid? Usually we all know that in summer it is very hot and that’s why we got holidays, but what are the other benefits of summer vacations? 

Think for a while. 

During vacations, parents can have a great time to make a strong connection with their children, at the same time it could be stressful too. Children don’t have much to do and get bore, which results in too much on gadgets or more time on screen. So planning is must for enjoying the vacations. 

Many authors reported that it is the peek growth during summer month in the northern hemisphere. Climate doesn’t effect but seasons can help in growth of children. We  can also say that warm summers, less stress, more sleep, happy hours, relax mood can help more growth and development in kids.

Extra curriculum activities like summer camps can help them in social and life skills. Also fun time memories boost the self esteem of child.

Vacations are the best time to make connection with your kids but for that you have to follow the routine that you want in your children throughout. Observe your child behavior and find out the best way to solve it.

Track every week for the positive connection between you and your child. Your children need you and your love. You are only the world they want in their life 

So maintain positive and happy environment at your home.

Plan for your routine with kids. Add task for kids and enjoy with them , it’s okay if they don’t listen gradually they will listen. Most of the children want the quality time with parent and they enjoy it. Have alternate options for tasks so that kids can enjoy.

Divide the whole time with different activities and focuss on the interest areas and strength areas. Study time routine. Indoor and outdoor games. Screen time ( moral story videos,  motivational and inspirational movies) etc. Pre planning would help in enjoyment.

Plan for enjoying and experience the nature and local sites, Some household activities, gardening, painting the pots, coloring, dancing ,singing together, some brain games, some riddles time, puzzle games, some fun games, some cooking time and any other activity in which your children can utilize their time. Plan for outstation, children learn and explore the historical places and food with overall growth experience.

Each activity can help the skills and boost the confidence of child.Vacations are very important for the mental and physical well-being. Be happy and gratitude for the year of summer vacation we all are having after pandemic.

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Huma Sufiyan
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Community Manager @ CCI_CN, Cognitive hypnotic coach, positive parenting coach & Career coach

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  1. This tips for parents as how to utilize the vacation fruitfully and effectively is much appreciated.

    Vacation is the time we all cherish and as Huma Ma’am says, if we as parents can inbuilt confidence in the children what else we want. Thank you Huma Ma’am for sharing your valuable thoughts on this topic.

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