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Understanding Anxiety

Your anxiety can be a cause of a mistake you made. Or it could be because you didn’t say/do something you were supposed to.

In such cases when the reason for your anxiety is yourself you can feel guilty. Guilty for causing pain to yourself.

At the other end of it lies your solution.The feeling that will help you overcome the guilt and make you functional again- insight . Insight from the mistake(s) made and learning from the lesson it provided.

Another cause of anxiety in your life can be problems created by OTHERS  in your life. When the cause of your suffering is another being you’re bound to feel anger/disappointment. Further adding to your misery & lack of functionality making you anxious.

At the other end the solution for this is- ACCEPTANCE . Accepting the inconvenience caused by another to you. And then applying this acceptance in regaining your sense of control and functionality in your life.

Yet in some cases the cause is neither yourself or any other person. But the situation has caused hardships. Leaving you feeling helpless/frustrated. In order to come out of this situation you need to find the solution.

And the solution lies in finding the motivation that’ll help you better your life & learn new skills that allow you to cope better in the future.

And lastly your anxiety can stem from thoughts about the future. Not knowing what the future holds for you. And to no surprise this can make you anxious/fearful/hopeless.

But it’s important to remember that this can be overcome by planning. Planning ahead for the things you know are under your control. Having faith in your ability to work through the uncertainty of the future provides confidence. 

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Aashray Mohan
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Trained in Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy & NLP, I aspire to help people to acknowledge they’ve more to love & learn about themselves. In these trying times it’s not always easy to find the strength within. One can begin to doubt things that they once knew like the back of their hand. It is in these times external assistance can prove to be most effective.

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