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What is counseling for?

Many of us thought that counseling/ psychotherapist or visiting mental health practitioners are only meant for the abnormal people or having mental disorder.

But, Is it true ?

How many of us think like that.

We are educated, are in new Era, modern people well informed But still not liberal to choose the right lifestyle.

Why ? 

Still having taboos in mind and fear of stigma of taking counseling from professionals. What will others say ?

Every one will laugh if they know about me?so many questions comes in mind. But have anyone come forward to help in pain, guided by many people but do it helped in long term? Who will help you to find your own self?

When a child born, a woman faces many changes in the body and mind which directly effects the growth and development of a child. Many times women can’t able to manage the new situations and environment around her in first child or many and face emotional distress and later on depression (severity depends ). 

Many women face postpartum depression and don’t know how to deal / manage.

Many relationships get disturb after the delivery as there is misunderstanding and lack of communication or lackck of knowledge. 

Many children get disturb when new member (siblings)arrival.Children with different age react differently and anything could disturb them which could affect their studies, behavior with others, and conduct problems or any thing.Again there is chain of problem which could affect professional life , personal life , lack of career clarity, relationship issues, family problems.

Are these all normal things ?

A psychologist , psychotherapist, counsellor or mental health practitioner are professionals who serves for the purpose to improve mental health or to treat mental disorders. 

They can help the person insight, can help the person to understand source of problem and outcome in optimistic way, can help the person to understand himself in better way. Can psycho- educate about the emotions and how to deal with it.

Can give the awareness.

From a child school time to the geriatric issues, everyone need the emotional support and help.

We are fortunate, Post-pandemic we are in this world. Live your Life with fullest, Love yourself and spread Happiness. 

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Huma Sufiyan
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Community Manager @ CCI_CN, Cognitive hypnotic coach, positive parenting coach & Career coach

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