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Signs of Anxiety

Physical effects of Anxiety  Anxiety can also cause physical symptoms. If you have anxiety, you might frequently feel worried, nervous, or afraid about ordinary events. These feelings can be upsetting and difficult to manage. They can also make daily life a challenge.Think about a time when you felt anxious.  Maybe your hands were sweaty or […]

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The Stigma of Mental Health in India

Have you ever tried talking about mental health with your family and friends and have not been taken seriously? Or have there been times when you consulted a mental health professional for yourself but haven’t really discussed about with anybody? Mental health is still seen as a stigma or there is still a taboo attached […]

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Are Psychosomatic Pains Real?

Ms.Z, was married into a family of 15 people. A family which believed that the household chores are meant only for the women of the house especially the daughter-in-laws. A family which had brought up her husband as a male chauvinist. So her days passed by, running around, making the lives of everyone else except […]

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Living with social anxiety feels like:-

Social anxiety is a fear of many things, so it’s never a one-size-fits-all, but we have highlighted some common worries and fears you may have. ?️  being so careful with your words, but still worrying that you’ve offended someone. building up the courage to speak and going blank mid sentence. constantly canceling social plans. Constant […]

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