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Structured Counselling Certification

Learn a structured approach to counselling that you can use even in online therapy sessions to confidently help clients manage their thoughts and emotions
*Price does not include Gst
Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Related Sciences (ICHARS)
Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Related Sciences (ICHARS)
ICHARS is dedicated to enabling coaches and mental health practitioners to create a happier, healthier, more fulfilling world by helping them develop advanced coaching and therapeutic skills with comprehensive, step-by-step training. This enables them to serve their clients better and meet their professional and personal goals.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Masters in Psychology
  • Registration on Visit MHP as a Practitioner
  • Completed Profile including education details

Course Description

Post pandemic more people are seeking therapy sessions online. But many practitioners have not been able to transition from conducting therapy sessions offline to online effectively.

For practitioners who are new to conducting sessions online, this program will help you master the art and science of online counselling allowing you to reach out to a larger client base.

For practitioners who have been conducting sessions online, this program will help you learn and master a step-by-step process to conducting a structured counselling session. You will learn and practice precise strategies to help your clients clearly define the presenting problem and desired outcome. The process will also help you identify the triggers and recondition the thoughts that are the source of the client’s problem.

You’ll end this program with a clearer understanding of the role that the conscious and unconscious play in creating and sustaining the current problems. You will also be fully prepared to integrate Eclectic approach based strategies that motivate lasting change in clients.

With the help of

  • In-session demonstrations
  • Engaging discussion
  • Supervised practice sessions
  • Expert guidance and support

You will not only be able to see your learning in action but also get the hands-on experience that will give you the confidence to start working with clients right after the completion of the course.

  • Imagine the relief your clients will experience with this effective, breakthrough treatment.
  • Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel knowing that your clients’ outcomes stem from effective training, skill development, and practice.
  • Imagine the confidence you’ll have when treating even your most challenging clients.

Whether you are starting afresh or have been a practising psychologist for years you’ll find that taking this course is a step in the right direction

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction about the program
  • The key things to keep in mind when working with clients online
  • Relationship between Awareness and Change
  • Rapport building with Conscious and Unconscious
  • Structure of a session
  • Breakdown cycle
  • SOFT SEA Therapy Framework
  • Trigger identification with Betty Erickson induction
  • Thought-Reconditioning with When-then statement

Course Takeaways

  • Develop more confidence in dealing with clients
  • Learn step-by-step therapy process
  • Master the art and science of online counselling
  • Receive Structured Counselling Certification
  • Access to ongoing support

Additional Details

This is an exclusive program created by the ICHARS team worth Rs. 20K and it is being offered completely free to mental health practitioners who have completed their profiles on the Visit MHP platform.

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