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Intrusive Thoughts

A situation gets worse in our minds when we continue to think about it. Think about what happened & all things that didn’t happen. We continue to wonder what could’ve been done or said When we’re in a situation we are bound to think about it. About what is happening what’s going to happen and […]

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How to Avoid Mind Reading

MIND READING- knowing what you’re thinking without you telling them. Assumptions are a gateway to disappointment. Assuming that you’re partner will know what you want OR how you feel without COMMUNICATING is going to cause problems. . When you’re in a long term relationship you start to assume make predictions about your partner. Because of […]

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Understanding Anxiety

Your anxiety can be a cause of a mistake you made. Or it could be because you didn’t say/do something you were supposed to. In such cases when the reason for your anxiety is yourself you can feel guilty. Guilty for causing pain to yourself. At the other end of it lies your solution.The feeling […]

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