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Anger Management

Anger is a natural human emotion that can serve as a useful tool for self-preservation, protection, and communication. However, when anger becomes uncontrollable and takes over our thoughts and actions, it can become a destructive force that harms ourselves and others around us. In this blog, we will discuss some effective ways to manage anger […]

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Loneliness and Mental Health: The Impact of Isolation

Loneliness is a complex and distressing feeling that can have a significant impact on an individual’s mental and physical health. It is often described as a subjective feeling of social isolation or a lack of social connectedness. While it is a common experience, prolonged loneliness can have serious consequences on an individual’s mental and physical […]

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How can stress negatively affect eating?

1. Introduction: When we think of stress, we often associate it with negative connotations. We feel overwhelmed, anxious, and bogged down by our to-do lists. But did you know that stress can also lead to weight gain? That’s right-both mental and physical stress can impact our waistlines in more ways than one. First off, let’s […]

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Can people with mental illness succeed at work ?

Many people have the misconception that those who suffer from mental illness are not ambitious, motivated, clever, or talented. It is said that they are incapable of coping with stress, that they are ill, and that they even pose a risk to others. All these ideas are false, as is the widespread perception that people […]

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Difference between Psychiatrist and Psychologist

The other day an old friend of mine called. As we were catching up after a few years, she being my schoolmate, we got talking on various subjects. During this conversation, she told me that her brother was planning to see a psychiatrist as he had certain relationship issues and was depressed. She asked me […]

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